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The Foundation Renovación y Esperanza was founded in 1999 by iniciative of a team of professionals aware and responsive to the social problems affecting our city. In a show of solidarity they came together to provide real oportunities of education and training that lead to an improvement in the quality of life in the most vulnerable communities of Cartagena de Indias and the Department of Bolívar.


The purpose or objective is the promotion, funding and realization of projects that will promote social inclusion, the role of women, the conditions of persons with physical disabilites, gender equality, prevention for children, rehabilitation and detoxification of youth linked to drugaddiction and violent youth gangs, training and education in arts and crafts as well as all the measures and programs directed towards the improvement of the quality of life of all the persons in a condition of vulnerability in the city of Cartagena de Indias and in Colombia.


We are an organisation with a humanitarian approach that works from within the family nucleus on programs of education ,training, prevention and rehabilitation, with the goal of reducing the violent confrontations between youth risk groups, thus improving their quality of life and achieving the full development of these young people, through specialized human resources responsive and dedicated to the community.


In 2018 our institution will be recognized for its strenghts in capacity building and realization of projects with a high impact on topics such as education of vulnerable populations, rehabilitation and prevention, as well as being fully equipped with all the necessary infrastructure and facilities for a comprehensive attention of the target populations.